We’re proud to show our colours

Cavalier is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We're serious about preserving our environment and make it a priority to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends.

We run the best-in-class equipment. We rigorously and regularly maintain all trucks, whether they’re right off the lot or soon to be retired. To improve fuel efficiency, most of the Cavalier fleet is running on wide-based, low-rolling resistance tires and have been equipped with front and side fairings. Additionally, all trucks are governed and satellite monitored.

Our initiatives don’t stop with our equipment. Cavalier’s drivers are the best in the business. With ongoing training programs, we ensure our drivers implement the best practices to improve fuel economy. It isn’t just the Cavalier drivers that help our team stay green; all employees are equally as dedicated to the environment. Whether it’s planning the most efficient routes, installing high efficiency lighting in offices and warehouses or reducing the amount of paper used, Cavalier’s team will continue to stay ahead of the curve, adopting and improving more green initiatives.

Environmentally friendly trucking